48-hour Cancellation Policy

It is not the intention of 2S Massage Therapy to enforce a cancellation policy. We realize that emergencies happen and that it is sometimes beyond your control, however, Due to recent no-shows and last minute cancellations, we must put a policy in place so that our massage therapists can be paid when these occur.

1. Cancellations which happen 48 hours or more in advance will not be charged for the appointment.

2. Cancellations which happen 24-48 hours in advance will be charged 50% of the full price of the appointment.

3. Cancellations which happen less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged 100% of the full price of the appointment.

4. Full price is the price listed on the website. 

5. An invoice will be sent to your email address if a cancellation occurs with less than a 48-hour notice. This invoice MUST BE PAID before another appointment can occur. You may schedule another appointment before payment of the invoice if you wish, but if the invoice remains unpaid 48 hours before, the appointment will be cancelled by your therapist. Every attempt will be made to remind you of the unpaid invoices.

We thank you and appreciate your business!